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Mundane to Miraculous

Mundane to Miraculous

11am -12:30pm PST

Yoga has a sneaky side-effect, it can radically alter your daily existence. When we learn to practice yoga off the mat, as well as on the mat, the mundane will be elevated to the miraculous.


Our asana is just the gateway.  


I designed this 90 Minute workshop to introduce the philosophy that supports taking your yoga off the mat. My goal is to share some insights and knowledge from my 20+ years as a teacher and a human. My goal and my wish will be to give you a new perspective on how to integrate your yoga practice into your life.


I will start the workshop with an overview of the history of modern yoga. We will then look at my discipline of Non-Dual Tantra/Kashmir Shaivism which is a life-affirming way to see the world and the foundation of all of my teaching.  I will talk you through the differences between the main yogic schools of philosophy and then we will immerse ourselves in ways your daily life can be expanded through Non-Dual Tantrik concepts. Philosophy is, at it’s core, a way of being in the world; so the goal is to support you to invigorate your spiritual journey and give you insights into how to take your yoga “off the mat”.


This course is suitable for anyone and everyone. Its a piece of my heart that I am offering to you with the desire to make your life bigger. My goal is to teach you what I know so that you can incorporate it into your life as that works best for you.


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Cost: $32


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