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The Ultimate Gift – 21 Day Challenge

Jan 2022
Presence, or awareness of ourselves, is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves. It allows us to navigate the turmoils of life with perspective and enjoy the abundance of life with supreme joy. We access this through a daily spiritual practice, a concept that is much mis-understood. This 21 day course is designed to share some of this wisdom and the practices that changed my life and I believe will change yours.

My life has been transformed because of my yoga practice.  Asana practice was the gateway, leading me deep into my study of Classical Tantra/Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism.  If this sounds complicated, well – it is and it isn’t. In many ways it’s simple, it is the philosophy I infuse into my yoga classes.  Much of this is practical, Tantrikas (as we like to call ourselves) have many such tools, techniques and practices.  It gets complicated purely because, like much philosophy, it’s nuanced. It needs time to unravel, unfold and digest. Which means we need to hear the information and we also need time to sit with the information. This is why I designed this course.

For whom was this course designed?

  • Someone who wants to cultivate a daily meditation practice
  • The yoga student who longs to truly embody their practice off the mat
  • The super successful person who has checked all the boxes and is still not 100% fulfilled.
  • And everyone else who is committed to their awakening  and living a more present life for themselves and their loved ones.


Develop a Daily Spiritual Practice


Schedule (PT)

January 9-29, 2022

Once Daily Live Call on Zoom.  This call will be recorded for those who can’t attend in person, some days offered IRL for those who are local (tbd)

Sundays 10-10:30am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-8:30am (Monday Bonus 8:30-9:30am Move and Meditate Practice)

Tuesday & Thursday 9-9:30am

Saturday Yoga Practice 9-10:15am


Daily Homework – which will take the form of contemplation, meditation, exploration.  This additional time involves anywhere from 5-24 mins and will often be done while engaged in your regular daily activities.  A huge component of this course is learning how to literally bring these practices into your daily life.

        • Contemplation – reading of short passages of text or poetry and taking time to experience the work
        • Meditation – practicing the technique introduced in that day’s group call.  Often there will be pre-recorded guided meditations to facilitate ease in practice.
        • Exploration – involves creative application of the techniques, informal reflection on your experience, perhaps sharing your experience with the group, eating chocolate, trying something new, making a nourishing meal…there will be several suggestions for exploration

Whats App chat group available for all participants who want to engage further with the community.

Weekly office hours – I’ll be available to discuss the teachings and answer questions

Most content will be downloadable and remain live for 30 days after the course is finished.