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Past Weeks

This class is 15 minutes of core work.  You can pair this class with any  other class in the library or practice it as a stand alone class.
Spanda means pulsation. Everything manifest is pulsing between contraction and expansion.  As made evidence from physics, even matter we believe to be solid and completely stable on a microscopic level is comprised of pulsing molecules.   Think about an EKG reading; when your heart is beating the reading is a wavy line when your heart is no longer beating it is a straight line.   The pulsation defines our existence even though many of us would like to cling to the peaks and forget the valleys, both are required for life.    We explore how spanda informs the practice by working the contrary complimentary alignments actions of muscular energy and organic energy in this practice.   We build to variations of Eagle Pose aka Garudasana Pose. 
June is PRIDE month.  Here in LA, West Hollywood hosts its annual epic Pride Parade this weekend.  The word pride has several meanings.   Two of the meanings are a group with a common purpose and a reasonable and justified sense of self-respect. I love that the meaning of the  word pride refers to both a group and to the individual.  According to tantric yoga philosophy, EVERYONE (not some of us, not only cis gender folks...EVERYONE exclusive of sexual orientation) at their essence is divine.  So, if divine consciousness resides in everyone, well, then pride is a great way to describe how we should all feel about being embodied. The message of the yoga practice is that you have a responsibility to celebrate your own unique manifestation of consciousness and then in turn, by celebrating who you are, you encourage the people around you to do the same. May the spirit of the LBGTQ community inspire all of us to feel pride in all the parts of us that make us unique (even the shadowy parts that we might not like so much). Through the practice of shoulder loop, this sequence guides us into the deepest places of our heart.   Our peak pose is  a "flipped" version of Vasistasana aka Wild Thing,  Have fun!
This 5 minute breathing practice is a “four part” breath technique.  There are many different variations of this technique.  This practice is the introduction to the basics.
This practice is 15 minutes of sweet movement.   Do this sequence at the end of the day or as a 15 minute add on to one of the more challenging 30 minute practices.
This 15 minute practice is focused on engaging the core. This work should feel familiar to those of you who have been practicing with me for a while.  It includes the movements I currently do in my own practice to strengthen my abdominal wall and my back....
This week’s practice is a great short class with which you can start your day.  It is a full body warm-up to greet your day with energy and presence.
This week we focus on two elements of shoulder loop: external rotation in the arms bones (humerus) and connection the arm bones into the shoulder sockets.  Doesn't that sound so exciting?   Well, possibly not, and this is always our challenge: to make the simple act of moving your body symbolize something more.  Creating clarity in the shoulders, to me, is like cleaning out your house.  The tension in our shoulders is like a full sink after you throw a huge party.  You know the sink is there but you just can't see it.  You have to wash the dishes.   It can take a while to clear out the sink just like it can take a while to clear out the tension in your shoulders but it feels so good and clear when you do.
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