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Past Weeks

This week we meditate.  We work with the mantra  Om Namah Shivaya.  A mantra is a word, words or sounds that aid in concentration for meditation.   I’ll explain it all in the class.
If even coming close to doing a pose that resembles the "splits" freaks you out, then this practice is for you.  We explore an alignment concept called "inner spiral" and learn some of the techniques for doing this extreme pose in a safe way.
The 45 minute class peaks with the arm balance Eka Pada Galavasana.  Kula is a sanskrit word that means community but with a particular focus on the individual.  Your body is a Kula made up of individual parts that play a crucial role to the functioning of the whole.  Sometimes we decide to neglect certain parts of who we are phsycially and spiritually.   The concept of Kula encourages us to ignite all the aspects of ourselves and bring our full selves to everything we do.  This practice focuses on the pelvis a part of the body that is essential for your Kula  to function optimally.
A core focused yoga practice always has to be about something more than getting 6-pack abs.   Whenever we practice the core together, my goal is to strengthen the connection to our truest self.   In our uber connected/instagram world, we can easily be disconnected from our birthright to a deep connection to Self.   But when we create physical strength  in the abdominal wall, it translates to confidence in our overall being.  There is an intro to Uddiyana Bandha as well as a fun handstand challenge. This practice is meant to be repeated several times.  
My god...It is so hard to be vulnerable. This practice asks you to do just that;  to open your heart methodically and strategically so that you can embrace the full spectrum of what your life has to offer.  Our spiritual heart center is called the Hridaya.   It is a powerful gateway into deeper connection with the spirit.   What's interesting is that its in a cage....the ribcage; protected like a medieval castle.  But vulnerability is essential to thriving in this life.  So, we must create opening in this part of the body in order to connect to and  awaken to  the power of the heart.   Expect lots of slow methodical movement and so great tricks for opening the shoulders and the mid back.  
Aham means “I AM”.   When I feel disconnected, this practice immediately connects me to my whole being: body, heart and mind.  I complete the sentence” I am….” with many different words “I am mother, teacher, wife, daughter, funny, smart etc.”  We constantly qualify...
This is the closest I get to a “Power Yoga” class.   We pack everything you need into 22 minutes.
This is the fifth and final class in our alignment principles series.  In this class, we focus on Organic Energy which explains how we stretch and lengthen the muscles in the most effective way.
Strength and grounding is what this practice is all about.   We build to Pincha Mayurasana/Forearm balance.  This week’s practice is the counterpart to the work from last week.  It is definitely worth doing the past 3 practices before you do this one.
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