Power of Perception Workshop


The age old question goes, “Is the glass half full or half empty?”  The most truthful answer is that it is entirely up to you.  Physics teaches us that your ability to perceive any object actually determines the presence of the object itself.   Of all of the operations of your mind, perception is the most important. We are constantly defining who we are and our environment through our ability to perceive.  The beauty of embracing your consciousness is that you can decide how you experience the world around you.  And we seriously need to master this lesson ASAP as we are incessantly bombarded with feeds from myriad sources vying for our permission to determine how we feel!

* Recording from 9/20/20 Workshop
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*There is  suggested homework in the form of meditation practice, contemplation and reading
*Suggested Reading – The Splendor of Recognition by Swami Shantananda