Sunday Sessions – Spring ’23 Meditation Course


April 16, 23, 30 & May 7, 14, 11am-12pm PT – all calls are recorded

A practical practice for navigating the bullshit

As I navigate the turbulence of my own life, I am constantly held by a sense of deep peace. I’m amazed everyday by the wordless experience of profound stillness that infuses most moments, even the hardest ones, with wonder. I can find joy in the shittiest moments. It is a profound gift. Quite simply, it enables me to live my life with fullness and completeness.

I wasn’t given this gift, it’s a practice. There are practical techniques that work quickly and effectively. They will change how you experience your life.

Perhaps we have done meditation together and you have no doubt learned techniques from other people. This program will help you elevate your practice by bringing meditation into your daily life. This is the great unlock that allows us to experience the wonder of the world.

The course

April 16, 23, 30 & May 7, 14

Sundays 11am-12pm PT – all calls are recorded 

Schedule: One practice technique is introduced during a 60 minute Sunday Session.

Hmwk:  Practice the “technique of the week” once a day (5- 24 minutes a day depending on your level). For those who have practiced for a long time, you will receive advanced practices as needed.

Extra Content: 

2 yoga asana practices per week

Second live meditation session Friday 12:30pmPT

Reading – historical/spiritual/or philosophical reading

1 one-on-one check-in with Rachel sometime during the course scheduled at your convenience.

Unlimited access to recordings and recorded meditations

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