The Oil by RGJ No. 2


Your search for the most divine Rose oil just ended.  The Oil by RGJ No. 2 blend was born from an obsession with garden roses; a love affair that began with the discovery of the rose water at the Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella over twenty years ago.    The Oil by RGJ No. 2 is the rose you have always wanted. It is the opposite of the stale, powdery smell of your grandmother’s compact.  No. 2 is the fresh, sweet, lovely aroma of garden roses.   Sixty seven roses are required to make one drop of rose oil.  Remember this while wearing No.2 and you will be enveloped in a sense of gratitude.  There are so many ways to luxuriate in No. 2…for a deeper gratitude meditation place No.2 at the third eye point, to calm the mind and open the heart place No. 2 at the heart center/center of the sternum, and to enjoy all the benefits of this magical flower apply to all your pulse points.