Mundane to Miraculous Workshop


Yoga can radically change your daily existence and elevate the mundane into the miraculous.  Not just for the nominal amount of time you spend on your mat but every minute of every day.  The asana is just the gateway.  Once you have walked through that door as a committed teacher or student there is so much more to discover that goes way beyond reading the Bhagavad Gita one time.  I designed this 90 Minute workshop to give you a new perspective on how to integrate your yoga practice into your life. This is my “Intro to Philosophy” workshop.


  • Learn a general overview of the history of modern yoga with a focus on non-dual tantra.

  • Understand the differences between the main yogic schools of philosophy

  • Immerse in the non-dual tantric concepts that are most applicable to your daily life

  • Invigorate your spiritual journey

  • Clarify how to take your yoga “off the mat”.


Recording from the October 25, 2020 Workshop 

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