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This practice is 15 minutes of sweet movement.   Do this sequence at the end of the day or as a 15 minute add on to one of the more challenging 30 minute practices.
This 5 minute breathing practice is a “four part” breath technique.  There are many different variations of this technique.  This practice is the introduction to the basics.
Aham means “I AM”.   When I feel disconnected, this practice immediately connects me to my whole being: body, heart and mind.  I complete the sentence” I am….” with many different words “I am mother, teacher, wife, daughter, funny, smart etc.”  We constantly qualify...
This sequence is designed to stimulate your lymphatic system and therefore boost your immunity.   Lymph can be moved through the body through muscular contractions and gravity.  We will use both these techniques to stimulate the movement of lymph in the body which is...
This sequence opens the spleen and stomach meridians as laid out by Traditional Chinese Medicine.    Regardless if you want to improve your digestion (btw, its not just digestion of food but also ideas etc.), this practice is a slow exploration of decompressing the pelvis, low back and the side waist.  Worry, remorse, fatigue, and self-doubt are all associated with  the spleen.  According to the Daoist view, our ideas and intentions reside in the spleen.  It is helpful to remember that the practice is working on you on several levels not just the physical.
This week we focus on the knees.  If you are one of the many subscribers who has written to me about knee pain, this class needs to become part of your weekly rotation for a couple of months. Those of you with healthy knees, should still do this class at least once this week.   Then if you need a more athletic practice, do any other class you’d like the rest of the week.  The alignment explained in this video applies to every BODY even if your BODY’s knees are perfectly healhty.   At the very least, this practice will help you keep it that way.
"We would be a lot less frustrated if we realized that meditation is like any other intimate relationship.  It requires patience, commitment, and deep tolerance.  Just as our encounters with others can be wondrous but also baffling, scary and even irritating, our encounters with the self have their own moods and flavors.  Like any other relationship, this one changes over time.  And it is best undertaken with love." Swami Durgananda aka Sally Kempton, from The Heart of Meditation. This is a guided meditation.   It could be a great addition to any of our 30 minute practices or it can stand alone.
This week's practice is a pranayama practice called Nadi Sodhana which means "purification of the nerves". It is commonly referred to as alternate nostril breathing.   The benefits of this practice are a balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain as well as a quieting of the more calculative parts of the brain and a stimulation of the more contemplative parts of the brain.  Pair this practice with any of the other classes from the library
This is a short restorative practice.   You will use props to support you in several poses.  This is the perfect practice for the end of the day.  Think about it as an evening “cocktail” to help you unwind.
In this kind of breath practice, the inhalation or the exhalation or  both are interrupted and not continuous.   This week we focus on an interrupted exhale.
In this kind of breath practice, the inhalation or the exhalation or  both are interrupted and not continuous.   This week we focus on an interrupted inhale.