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In this week’s practice we explore the idea that balance is more than just holding your body in equilibrium.   It is also a subtle energetic experience of finding the midpoint between effort and surrender.    We will work contracting the muscles while we...
Leading with the physical heart center is required for any stable arm balance.  You literally need to take your shoulder blades back and open your heart in order to lift off the ground.   This practice focuses on what to do once you have that base.   We align the legs through clear inner spiral work to help aid the incredibly difficult action of lifting the back leg up in the arm balance Eka Pada Koudinyasana II.  The class is titled as such because the sage Koudinya (the namesake of the pose) is known for following his intuition.
This practice focuses on organic energy which is the lengthening out from the core to the periphery. In Light on Yoga, Iyengar talks about the concept of mudita which is “a feeling of delight at the good work done by another, even though he may be a rival.  The yogi saves himself from much heartache by not showing anger, jealousy or hatred for another who has reached the desired goal which he himself has failed to achieve.”  Fans embody this wholeheartedly; cheering the accomplishments of players to whom  they have no personal connection, sharing in the delight of their successes.  How often do you selflessly delight or feel joy for someone else’s achievements?    And since this concept isn’t always present in our society, I like to find it wherever I can.  Let's turn the mania of the Super Bowl  into a yogic moment.