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“Rachel has an indelible energy and light – those who are lucky enough to be taught by her feel it. She is patient, encouraging and highly skilled at what she does. Practicing yoga with Rachel might be my favourite thing in Los Angeles.”
- Tara Summers, Actress
“I have been practicing yoga for 20 years, and in every one of Rachel’s classes, I find something new.”
- Stephanie Nasteff, Voiceover Artist, Actress, Mom
“Rachel brings so much fun and great energy to her classes. She’s a great storyteller, too, and really weaves a spiritual or intellectual journey into her teaching. With her excellent mastery of alignment, she also gives a really helpful breakdown of poses that you will find yourself remembering in other classes. Love her.”
- Rachel Cohn, NY Times Bestselling Author
As someone who has practiced 5-6 times a week for years, I have a particular appreciation for Rachel’s gift for teaching basic, foundational principles of asana in a very clear and supportive way, while also offering a challenging practice. It takes a very intelligent and nuanced teacher to make seemingly simple sequences so rich, interesting, and effective both physically and soul-wise.
- Bonnie Burroughs
Rachel is special.  I could go on and on about what makes Rachel a teacher that I cannot live without. What it comes down to is that she is the definition of yoga in her actions. Her love of the practice and her ability to communicate to others that yoga is not simply what we do on the mat but beyond,  and so many other reasons I feel unable and unworthy to articulate, are what make Rachel an amazing yoga instructor.
- Tina Koneazny, USC
 I never know how my body will work but when I get myself to the mat I can count on much more than a great workout. Afterwards I feel replenished and relaxed; kind of full and spent at the same time!
Nancy Zimble, Pediatrician, Los Angeles
If you don’t know Rachel, you should.  She is the best. Her class is
everything: intelligent, intense, and fun.  Glean the wisdom Rachel
offers up in every practice, you can thank me for it later.
Selby Drummond, Accessories Director VOGUE
I just got so burnt out with people teaching exercise classes and calling it yoga. Your online course is perfect for me, because you are the only western teacher who gets it! 
Jill Kershaw
Rachel Jackson is an extraordinary yoga  teacher who has been sharing her deep knowledge and generous spirit with me for over 10 years. I never thought I’d be able to go upside down or balance or breathe all once and she led me into it with her usual grace. It embarrasses her when I say she’s changed my life, but it’s true. She has.
Sue Fleishman, Head of Corporate Communications, Amblin
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This bundle will keep you practicing the weeks when I'm traveling and not teaching my regular schedule this summer.  There is a little bit of everything!  It includes a strong 15 min core practice, two classes that challenge you with long holds, deep twists and more.  These practices haven't been included in any other bundle.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

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What does it mean?

Every few months, the RGJ Movement presents a new yoga bundle.  The bundles are series of classes targeted to a specific focus or need; a few examples are the 15 Minute Class Bundle,  the Back Care Bundle, the Inversions Bundle, and the Meditation Bundle.  Each class is an intelligently sequenced practice that makes one of LA’s BEST Yoga teachers your personal teacher.  Rachel curates the bundles and expertly crafts each class.  Each bundle has a different focus designed to transform your body, mind, and spirit.  Give yourself the gift of time, love, yoga, aka your BEST life and start practicing with Rachel today.


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