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Monday class studio
8:30AM-9:45AM Level 1/2 Roam LA
Tuesday class studio
8:30-8:50 am Move & Meditate Instagram Live
Thursday class studio
8:30-8:50am Move & Meditate Instagram Live
Friday class studio
8:30AM-9:45AM Level 1/2 Roam LA
Saturday class studio
9:00AM-10:15AM Pwd: LOVE Zoom
Mundane to Miraculous

Mundane to Miraculous

11am -12:30pm PST Yoga has a sneaky side-effect, it can radically alter your daily existence. When we learn to practice yoga off the mat, as well as on the mat, the mundane will be elevated to the miraculous.   Our asana is just the gateway.  ...
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Password for Zoom Class: LOVE 

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