Hand Balancing Bundle

Hand Balancing
Total Run Time
2 hours 15 minutes
(4) Videos
Hand Balancing

Ahhh!  The ever-instgrammable hand balancing postures.  Maybe its the illusive handstand or bakasana (aka crow/crane pose) that makes your heart flutter with envy.  As much as I preach that the practice isn’t really about the poses, sometimes we have goals in our practice that inspire our studentship. I get it and that is why I created this bundle.  If you want to learn how to do some of the most popular hand balancing poses, this bundle is for YOU.

This class is perfect for those of you who want to work on handstand aka adho mukha vrksasana.  In this practice, we dissect Handstand into 5 actions.   We repeat these actions in every posture of the practice.   The repetition enables you to integrate all the handstand actions into your body.   Repetition also has a calming effect.   Handstand isn't a calming pose.  But through the repetition, my hope is that by the time we arrive at Handstand the repeated actions calm you while you attempt a tremendously challenging pose. 
The 45 minute class peaks with the arm balance Eka Pada Galavasana.  Kula is a sanskrit word that means community but with a particular focus on the individual.  Your body is a Kula made up of individual parts that play a crucial role to the functioning of the whole.  Sometimes we decide to neglect certain parts of who we are phsycially and spiritually.   The concept of Kula encourages us to ignite all the aspects of ourselves and bring our full selves to everything we do.  This practice focuses on the pelvis a part of the body that is essential for your Kula  to function optimally.
Leading with the physical heart center is required for any stable arm balance.  You literally need to take your shoulder blades back and open your heart in order to lift off the ground.   This practice focuses on what to do once you have that base.   We align the legs through clear inner spiral work to help aid the incredibly difficult action of lifting the back leg up in the arm balance Eka Pada Koudinyasana II.  The class is titled as such because the sage Koudinya (the namesake of the pose) is known for following his intuition.
This time on your mat is an opportunity to remember that your body is a gift.  Living your life just as it is today is a privilege.   The cells of your body, the flesh, the skin and the bones will never come together...