Holidaze Bundle

Total Run Time
2 hrs 30 min
(7) Videos
Asana Meditation

This bundle covers everything from strengthening to stretching to meditation.  My  most popular quick hit videos like the Tech Neck practice along with my 20 min Power Class are included in this bundle.  There are 7 practices in total ranging in length from 15 to 30 minutes. This selection of classes was compiled to keep you balanced and practicing throughout the holidays.   Even a 15 minute practice can have tremendous benefits.  This bundle will inspire you to return to your mat again and again throughout this holiday season.

You have everything you need.  Do something to clear away the static that keeps you from connecting to your own strength.  This practice is a good start.  We work the legs A LOT.   Allow the repetition, to get you out of your head and into your body. Connect to your own strength and remember you have everything you need. 
This 17 minute practice is focused on strengthening the arms.   Our arms are one of the ways we connect and communicate with others.   So, in strengthening this part of our body we are strengthening our ability to communicate and connect with the people we...
This is the closest I get to a “Power Yoga” class.   We pack everything you need into 22 minutes.
This sequence opens the spleen and stomach meridians as laid out by Traditional Chinese Medicine.    Regardless if you want to improve your digestion (btw, its not just digestion of food but also ideas etc.), this practice is a slow exploration of decompressing the pelvis, low back and the side waist.  Worry, remorse, fatigue, and self-doubt are all associated with  the spleen.  According to the Daoist view, our ideas and intentions reside in the spleen.  It is helpful to remember that the practice is working on you on several levels not just the physical.
Happy Thanksgiving week!  Enjoy this practice of connecting to the back of the body as we discover ways to  bow with gratitude in every pose.  A bowing position is a universal symbol reverence.  Remember something for which you are deeply grateful and offer this...
If you own a smart phone, you are battling some degree of "tech neck" which is the default position of hovering over your phone with your head and shoulders rounded forward.  This practice works all the muscles required to combat tech neck.  Like always, there is a philosophical purpose to this practice.   This misalignment in our physical body might be disconnecting us from our ability to embrace our strength and communicate from the heart.