Quarantinasana Bundle

Quick Hit
Total Run Time
1 Hour 40 minutes
(5) Videos
Quick Hit

This is a curated 5 class series to take care of all of your yoga needs during your self-isolation/quarantine.  That’s why I call it “quarantine-asana”.  Hilarious…maybe not, but these classes are going to take care of you for these next weeks.  When you can’t tune into all the amazing live streaming content my colleagues and I are generating, this bundle has your back.   It includes 15 Minutes of Sun salutations for cardio, handstand practice for those of you who want to work on a goal pose, tech neck because we ALL need it, core because we love/hate it, and a hip center practice which is actually really vital to optimizing your breathing.  Be well. I’m thinking of you.  Namaste!

This shorter practice explains often overlooked alignment points in our most common vinyasa sequence, Surya Namaskar A.  It progresses to a near constant flow making it a perfect yoga “quick fix’.
If you own a smart phone, you are battling some degree of "tech neck" which is the default position of hovering over your phone with your head and shoulders rounded forward.  This practice works all the muscles required to combat tech neck.  Like always, there is a philosophical purpose to this practice.   This misalignment in our physical body might be disconnecting us from our ability to embrace our strength and communicate from the heart.   
This class is perfect for those of you who want to work on handstand aka adho mukha vrksasana.  In this practice, we dissect Handstand into 5 actions.   We repeat these actions in every posture of the practice.   The repetition enables you to integrate all the handstand actions into your body.   Repetition also has a calming effect.   Handstand isn't a calming pose.  But through the repetition, my hope is that by the time we arrive at Handstand the repeated actions help you to feel grounded you while you attempt a tremendously challenging pose.
This class is 15 minutes of core work.  You can pair this class with any  other class in the library or practice it as a stand alone class.
When we discuss how our emotions get trapped in our tissues (our issues are in our tissues;)), the pelvis is one the the biggest receptacles for holding onto our experiences.  Be patient in this practice.  That patience is the key to allowing your hips to...