Summer Sweat Bundle

Total Run Time
2 hrs
(5) Videos

This bundle will keep you practicing the weeks when I’m traveling and not teaching my regular schedule this summer.  There is a little bit of everything!  It includes a strong 15 min core practice, two classes that challenge you with long holds, deep twists and more.  These practices haven’t been included in any other bundle.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

In this practice, each pose is held for 30 seconds.  This sequence cultivates focus, stability and strength.  The bonus is that this particular sequence has been proven to increase bone density in the majority of participants in a study conducted by Columbia University.
June is PRIDE month.  Here in LA, West Hollywood hosts its annual epic Pride Parade this weekend.  The word pride has several meanings.   Two of the meanings are a group with a common purpose and a reasonable and justified sense of self-respect. I love that the meaning of the  word pride refers to both a group and to the individual.  According to tantric yoga philosophy, EVERYONE (not some of us, not only cis gender folks...EVERYONE exclusive of sexual orientation) at their essence is divine.  So, if divine consciousness resides in everyone, well, then pride is a great way to describe how we should all feel about being embodied. The message of the yoga practice is that you have a responsibility to celebrate your own unique manifestation of consciousness and then in turn, by celebrating who you are, you encourage the people around you to do the same. May the spirit of the LBGTQ community inspire all of us to feel pride in all the parts of us that make us unique (even the shadowy parts that we might not like so much). Through the practice of shoulder loop, this sequence guides us into the deepest places of our heart.   Our peak pose is  a "flipped" version of Vasistasana aka Wild Thing,  Have fun!
Expect long holds to break bad habits and build strength.    Samskara are the deep grooves or impressions we create over lifetimes.  Sometimes they serve us and sometimes they don’t.   The long holds are meant to help guide you into a deeper awareness...
There are many principles we could focus on for this practice which peaks with Parvritta Bakasana (twisting crane pose). But I chose to focus on kidney loop because it forces the exploration of the more subtle mechanics of twists like the breath.  I hate when teachers say things like "breathe into your smallest toe" (insert puke face emoji) because unless you are some jedi breath master that cue makes no sense.  However, in this class you can actually move the breath into the back side of your ribs and waist which aids in creating a deeper twist.  Connecting  to the back of the body also creates a natural bowing action which is the universal posture of gratitude.